• Directors of Lonsen Kiri Chemicals Industries Limited

    Contact Email : info@lkcl.in

    Mr. Yalin Xu – Chairman (DIN: 03610804)

    [Date of Appointment: June 05, 2017]
    Mr. Yalin Xu, aged 54 years, he has bachelors and Master’s degree in Applied Chemistry from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (1982 – 1989). In his 13 years’ career with Unilever, he served as Development Manager, R&D Director and Global Mass Market Development Director in China, Australia and Brazil. Yalin joined Ciba Specialty Chemicals at the end of 2002 as General Manager of HPC for greater China and later Vice President of HPC for Asia Pacific. He is currently the Board Director and Vice President of Zhejiang Longsheng Group, and Executive Director of DyStar Group. He is based in Singapore and managing DyStar Group, representing the Board.

    Mr. Manish Kiri - Managing Director (DIN: 00198284)

    [Date of Appointment: April 09, 2008]
    Aged 45 years, is the Managing Director of Lonsen Kiri Chemical Industries Limited. He is also Managing Director & Promoter of Kiri Industries Limited, Director in Kiri Group and DyStar Global Holdings (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. He holds a degree in Bachelors of Engineering (Electronics & Communication) from Gujarat University and MBA from Wayne State University, USA. He started his family business in year 1998.

    Ms. Yuming Zhou – Non Executive Director (DIN : 09562986)

    [Date of Appointment: May 17, 2022]
    Ms. Yuming Zhou, aged 34 years, is a Non Executive Director of the Company. She has a master degree in Management from Fudan University, China and is also associated with the Longsheng investment group.

    Mr. Ji Yong – Independent Director (DIN: 06846591)

    [Date of Appointment: March 20, 2015]
    Mr. Ji Yong, aged 48 years, is an independent director of the Company. He has master degree in Management, present also is the director of Supinco Automation Pvt. Ltd.

    Mrs. Hetal Shah – Independent Director (DIN: 06867956)

    [Date of Appointment: March 20, 2015]
    Mrs. Hetal Shah, aged 45 years, is an Independent Director of the Company. Mrs. Shah has completed her graduation from Karnataka University. She is freelance senior trainer at Oxford Academy, British Academy, English World and Planet Education for over ten years and she trained the students, aspirants to foreign countries and working class people in Personality Development and English Speaking. She is Conducted Corporate Training for employees of SIS Computers, Kotak Mahindra Insurance and Ernst & Young in soft skills to enhance the communication and language narrating skills.